S.O.B.I (School of Biblical Instructions)

SOBI IS a two-year program designed for the believers to obtain a higher dimension of their spiritual growth and to receive in-depth study of the Word of God.  This is accomplished through our first (1st)   and second (2nd) year program of the School of the Bible.  Our third-year program is designed to equip, to train, and to prepare those who are led to full-time ministry or the Ministry of Helps so that they can perform their ministerial duties and assignments in an excellent and professional manner.  The School of Biblical Instructions (SOBI), or one that is equivalent (which is a two-year program) is a prerequisite for the School of Ministry (which is the 3rd year program).

The following is a “brief” description of courses for our programs:



HOLY SPIRIT—It is study of the Person, Work, and Gifts of the Holy Spirit and His operation in the Old Testament saints, New Testament saints and believers today.   [3]

OLD TESTAMENT SURVEY—A survey of the 39 books of the Old Testament in the light of their historical background, structure, content, and distinctive qualities of each book.  [3]

FAITH I—The dynamic principles of faith based on the Word of God with application to both life and ministry.  “How Faith Works”  [2]

FAITH II—The dynamic principles of faith based on the Word of God with application to both life and ministry.  “How to Obtain Strong Faith”  [2]

RIGHTEOUSNESS/SANCTIFICATION—A study of the doctrine of justification and sanctification as found in the book of Romans.  [3]

BIBLICAL THEOLOGY—This course is a study of the nature of God and its foundational truths as He has revealed to us in scriptures.  [3]

BLOOD COVENANT—It covers the background and the concept of covenant in history with special emphasis on Biblical covenants leading to the New Covenant between Christ and the church.  [3]

FAITH III—The dynamic principles of faith based on the Word of God with application to both life and ministry.  “Faith, Foolishness, or Presumption”  [2]

FAITH IV—The dynamic principles of faith based on the Word of God with application to both life and ministry.  “The How, What, and Steps to the Highest Kind of Faith”  [2]

HOW TO PRAY EFFECTIVELY—Basic principles of prayer are considered with emphasis on effective prayer.  [2]

ESCHATOLOGY—Addresses the prophetical last events of sacred history and how these events will affect the Christian Believer, “The End Times.”  Some topics to be discussed:  The Rapture, Great White Throne Judgment, Daniel’s 70 weeks and the Anti-Christ.  [3]

NEW TESTAMENT SURVEY—Provides an understanding of the teaching, historical background, principles of interpretation, and contemporary relevance of the New Testament writings.  [2]

BIBLICAL PROSPERITY—Covers the subject of prosperity from a Biblical perspective, spiritual, physical, material, relational, and foolishly, etc.  [2]

FAITH V—The dynamic principles of faith based on the Word of God with application to both life and ministry.  “How to Turn Your Faith Loose”  [2]

FAITH VI—The dynamic principles of faith based on the Word of God with application to both life and ministry.   “How to Be Led by the Spirit”  [2]

SHARING YOUR FAITH IN CHRIST—Basic understanding of the Gospel to show ways to witness, how to witness, and how to meet objections to your faith in Christ, [2]

DIVINE HEALING—Study of Biblical teaching on divine healing and divine health. [2]



YOUTH MINISTRY—How to organize and plan a ministry for young people in their teens and twenties. [2]

HOME & HOSPITAL VISITATION—The qualifications and training of how to minister to people through visitation at homes, hospitals, jails, and bereavement situations. [2]

ACTS OF THE APOSTLES—A selective study of the book of Acts in light of the early church.  Themes relating to the church and evangelism will be considered. [3]

GOSPELS—The study of the life, mission, and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. [3]

ART OF PRAISE & WORSHIP—Teaches the biblical basis for praise and worship in the Church today. [3]

GOD’S CHARACTER—Study the character of God and how He reveals Himself to us in nature, conscience, and scripture.  [3]

MINISTRY GIFTS—This course cover various “ministry gifts” given to the body of Christ and women in ministry.  [2]

MISSIONS—The biblical foundations of missions are discussed, showing God’s purpose for the nations and the world today.[2]

MINISTRY OF HELPS—The history, definition, purpose, and organization of the ministry of helps in the local church.  [2]

CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP—Composed of biblical portraits of leaders who were prepared by God to influence their generation.  Also includes leadership types and a brief study of servant leadership. [3]

CHURCH HISTORY—A study which covers the origin and development of the Christian Church from its inception to the modern period, taking into consideration the missionary movements, ecumenical movements, leading personalities, and their contribution to the expansion of the Christian church. [3]

SPIRITUAL WARFARE—An advanced course on prayer, focusing on identifying the enemy, spiritual armor, and pulling down strongholds in the context of evangelistic and the apostolic ministries.  [2]



PASTORAL MINISTRY—The Biblical foundations of the pastoral ministry are discussed with reference to the pastor’s role.  Special attention is given to the pastor’s calling, character, commitment, and care of the local church.  [3]

MINISTRY AND THE FAMILY—The place of family in the life of the minister and their relationship to his task.  [3]

INTRODUCTION TO COUNSELING—The basics of Christian counseling including Biblical background, qualifications, techniques, and case studies. [2]

SERMON PREPARATION—The expository method of preaching/teaching will be taught.  Various types of sermons will be studied.  [2]

LAB/INTERNSHIP—This course requires the student to participate in simulated group projects related to ministry situations.  The projects will be accomplished through use of information gained through the three-year curriculum at SOBI.  [3]

EXCELLENCE IN MINISTRY—Practical and personal aspects of ministry for the purpose of promoting excellence in those called to one of the five-fold ministry office.  [3]

SERMON PRESENTATION—Students will practice and present sermons with the ability to critique constructively.  Students will minister on given portions of scripture with application. [3]

MINISTERIAL ADMINISTRATION—This course will be comprised of workshops and lectures regarding ministry administration techniques and procedures.  Students will have the benefit of hearing from individuals who are presently operating in ministry administrative positions.  [2]

CHURCH ORGANIZATION & MANAGEMENT—The process of planning and implementing administration in the local church and Christian organizations, using both biblical and organizational principles.  [2]




There are three [3] unit classes and two [2] unit classes.

*The numbers in []* in the “course description” section are the amount of units for each class.

Tuition cost is $80.00 per unit.

The following fees include:

Registration Fee (non-refundable)                                                          $60.00

Application Fee (non-refundable)                                                            $25.00

Late Registration Fee                                                                              $20.00

Upon completion of all course requirements, students may participate in a graduation ceremony from any of the three programs.

SOBI Announcement

Applications are now being accepted for the School of Biblical Instructions (SOBI) Spring Trimester of 2017-2018 school year. Registration is on Sunday, March 4, 2018, in the “Foyer” at the SOBI Table after service. Please return all COMPLETED applications to Minister Mebane or Minister Jefferson BEFORE Registration if you are planning to attend. ALL students MUST register BEFORE attending classes!!!!!! Registration is held on Sundays only. You may call the Office for further details regarding tuition/fees. Classes begin on March 12, 2018.

“Late Registration” will be on Sunday, March 11, 2018 and March 18, 2018. A “late fee” will be imposed.

A Message From The Dean of Students, Minister Grace O. Mebane

When SOBI opened its doors in the fall of 2001, we had an enrollment of five students (who are our chartered students) located in the Chapel of Woodland Hills Community Church. By the third trimester of that same school year, we had increased to eight in number. We also offered only two classes during that first year of our part time program. The following school year of 2002, we increased our classes to three nights a week for the first and second year program.

The school is designed for the students to take the required courses at their own rate with the exception of those who believe they have a calling upon their life. It is mandatory that these students attend full time. In the spring of 2005, SOBI held its first charter graduation from the two-year program and graduating its first student, Mr. Craig Stanley Wright who tenaciously and unwavering committed to the four years it took to complete the part time program. During the school year of 2005-2006, we began the Third Phase of our institution of learning, the School of Ministry (SOM), which is our third year program.

Two main events that our students and faculty enjoy with family and friends are our SOBI Christmas Celebration and our SOBI-JAM (which is our end of the school year celebration). By their participation in these events, it affords them the opportunity to put into practice the things they are learning. Both of these events last year were truly awesome, exhilarating, inspiring, jubilant, and truly “the bomb!” Our school is definitely growing from glory to glory.

It is my strong desire to see all of our SOBI students fulfill their destiny and the purpose by which they were led or sent to this school to have exposure and to experience various aspects of ministry whether they have been called to that specific area or not. Consequently, it is my aspiration that each student that walks through the doors of SOBI will exhibit the following: “Enter to learn, go forth to serve.”

Grace O. Mebane
Dean of Students

Vision Statement

I envision believers: studying and showing themselves approved unto God, workers that are not ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth (II Timothy 2:15 and Acts 17:10-11).

Fulfilling their God-given purpose and vocation in their personal lives, and Ministry of Helps, and the Five-Fold Ministry offices.

Obtaining the abundant life by faith and their inheritance in Christ Jesus (Acts 26:18).

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide students with quality Biblical teaching through anointed experienced instructors in a manner that results in practical application in their daily lives.

Also, our objective is to equip believers in the Word of God so they can enjoy the overcoming life, which Jesus Christ provided for us through His redemptive work. The success of the school is measured by the successful fruit of its students.

Pastor Garry D. Zeigler